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Produse iesite din uz - marine toate produsele

Fishfinder 250C

Pret cu ROAD20xx, cu update-uri Gratuite: 2008.72 RON

Produsul nu este disponibil pentru comanda.

Pachetul include:
- Fishfinder 250C
- Suport pentru montaj cu suruburi
- Cablu alimentare si date
- Traductor dual de adancime si temperatura
- Senzor de viteza
- Manual de utilizare
- Scurt ghid de utilizare

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Despre Produs

Serious anglers and casual fishermen alike will love the new Garmin Fishfinder 250C with its powerful sonar, spectacular color display, abundant features and affordable price.

The Garmin Fishfinder 250Cs high-performance sonar and high-resolution, dazzling color screens make this no ordinary fishfinder. Its single or dual-frequency sonar is easy-to-use, and its vivid color displays crisply stand out in sunlight. The Fishfinder 250C boasts a 4.5-inch, 320 x 320 pixel, 16-color display.

Suitable for both freshwater and saltwater, the Fishfinder 250C is available with either a dual-frequency 50/200 kHz transducer for deep-water applications, or a single-frequency 200 kHz transducer for shallow inland lakes and bays.

All configurations feature Garmins patented See-Thru® technology — which separates fish from thermoclines and structure — and Depth Control Gain (DCG®), for detailed images of structure and bottom densities. Additionally, anglers can connect a Garmin GPS receiver (sold separately) to the unit to mark waypoints directly from the Fishfinders keypad.

The Fishfinder 250Cs slim profile also makes it ideal for mounting in-dash or on the bow. The unique quick-release, one-knob tilt swivel-mount allows for easy viewing at any angle.

Caracteristici Produs

- 320 x 320 pixel, sunlight-readable 16-color CSTN with adjustable CCFL backlight
- Comes standard with a separate speed sensor
- Dual-frequency transducer: 500 watts (RMS), 4000 watts (PTP) output
- Single-frequency transducer: 400 watts (RMS), 3200 watts (PTP) output
- Internal memory backup for user settings with power disconnected
- Temperature log to maintain a graphical record of water temperature data
- Adjustable range, gain, and zoom, and bottom lock
- Alarms: shallow and deep water, fish by size, drift, timer, water temperature, and low battery voltage
- Unit dimensions: 6.1" W x 4.9" H x 2.9" D