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Produse iesite din uz - marine toate produsele

GPSMAP 188/188C Sounder

Produsul nu este disponibil pentru comanda.

Pachetul include:
- GPSMAP 188 sau GPSMAP 188C
- Harta de baza:
Worldwide Marine
- Antena externa cu cablu 10 m
- Transducer 50/200 KHz
- Cablu de date/alimentare
- Suport de montare
- Manual de utilizare
- Scurt ghid de utilizare

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Despre Produs

The GPSMAP 188/188C Sounder install easily in open cockpit and overhead boxes, and feature a quick map redraw using a high-speed RISC processor. These units combine chartplotter and sounder capabilities in one unit, with split-screen capability so you can view your position and sounder information at the same time. For the GPSMAP 188 Sounder, detailed marine cartography is presented on a high-resolution (240 x 360 pixels), 10-level grayscale, liquid crystal display. For the GPSMAP 188C Sounder, the display is a high-resolution (234 x 320 pixels), 16-color TFT display.

Featuring a built-in worldwide basemap, the GPSMAP 188/188C Sounder is fully compatible with Garmins new BlueChart® marine cartography and many MapSource® CD-ROM products, including Fishing Hot Spots. These units are designed to provide precise GPS positioning using correction data obtained from the Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS). They also provide position accuracy to less than three meters when receiving WAAS corrections. The GPSMAP 188/188C Sounder also accept RTCM-104 differential corrections.

The GPSMAP 188C Sounder offers daylight-viewable color as an option to the monochrome display of the GPSMAP 188 Sounder.