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Produse iesite din uz - marine toate produsele

Fishfinder 320C (FF 320C)

Produsul nu este disponibil pentru comanda.

Pachetul include:
- Fishfinder 320C
- Suport pentru montaj cu suruburi
- Cablu de date/alimentare
- Traductor cu frecventa duala
- Senzor de viteza
- Capac de protectie ecran
- Manual de utilizare

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Despre Produs

The Fishfinder 320C is Garmins first stand-alone color fishfinder for both freshwater and saltwater. This unit extends our line of dedicated sonar products and incorporates several software enhancements. Plus, it allows remote waypoint marking, which means you can send a specific location from your Fishfinder 320C to a Garmin® GPS. Now thats communication.

The Fishfinder 320C: With a sunlight-readable color display, intuitive software, and an affordable price, extreme anglers have no excuse not to go out and buy this unit.

Caracteristici Produs

- Five-inch (diagonal), 16-color TFT display thats viewable in direct sunlight
- User-selectable settings for overcast, sunny, and nighttime viewing
- Simple sonar interface, with vital information on depth, zoom, range, frequency, and gain one touch away
- Depth Control Gain (DCG®) automatically adjusts sonar sensitivity by depth and delivers a highly detailed image of bottom structure
- See-Thru® technology separates fish returns from thermoclines and underwater structure to remove the guesswork in interpreting fish arches
- Bottom lock gives anglers a constant view of the bottom within a user-configured depth parameter (e.g., viewing all activity from 40 feet down to the bottom)
- Temperature log graphically records temperature data
- GPS repeater allows communication with a Garmin GPS, so anglers can use the remote waypoint-marking feature to send a specific location
- Unit can be ordered with a single-frequency (200 kHz) transducer, dual-frequency (200/50 kHz) transducer, or display only (if you have a Garmin transducer already installed). Please see your local dealer for the version thats right for you.