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Produse iesite din uz - road toate produsele

nüvi® 1490TV

Pret fara ROAD20xx: 1151.92 RON

Pret cu ROAD20xx, cu update-uri Contracost: 1391.11 RON

Pret cu ROAD20xx, cu update-uri Gratuite: 1725.5 RON

Produsul nu este disponibil pentru comanda.

Pachetul include:
-nüvi® 1490TV
-Preincarcat cu City Navigator® NT pentru Europa
-Pan-European premium traffic¹
-Incarcator auto cu receptor de trafic atasat
-Adaptor 12v la 220v
-Antena TV externa
-Suport de parbriz cu ventuza
-Cablu USB
-Disc de bord
-Scurt Manual de utilizare

¹Lifetime traffic extends for the useful life of your Garmin traffic receiver (as long as you own a compatible Garmin GPS) or as long as Garmin receives traffic data from its traffic supplier, whichever is shorter. Traffic content not available for all areas. See for traffic coverage areas and for program License Agreement containing complete terms and conditions.

>Pretul cu Ro.a.d. 200x preincarcat – upgrade-urile ulterioare se vor face contracost, detalii la si puteti trece oricand dupa aceasta la o licenta de ROAD200x full CD achitand doar diferenta de pret.
>Pretul cu Ro.a.d. 200x, CD Full – upgrade-urile ulterioare sunt GRATUITE pe toata durata de viata a aparatului.

Updates & Downloads

Despre Produs

The large screen yet ultra-thin nüvi 1490TV is a cutting-edge pan-European navigator with DVB-T digital terrestrial television and radio. An in-built digital tuner gives you access to Freeview digital TV and radio content from across Europe, including more than 50 TV channels and 24 radio stations in the UK.

With its bright 5-inch screen, nüvi 1490TV is packed with advanced navigation features including free pan-European premium traffic updates, multi-point route planning and Lane Assist with Junction View. Make hands-free phone calls with Bluetooth® wireless technology and find the most fuel-efficient journeys with built-in ecoRoute™ software. Download optional cityXplorer™* mapping to plan the whole journey with pedestrian and public transport routes and discover Garmin’s free VoiceStudio™ software to record a new voice for your sat nav. You can even add City Guides to make the most of your time in town.

Key features

* DVB-T digital tuner for Freeview television and radio
* Stereo speakers and 3.5mm headphone output
* Integrated aerial for high DVB-T signal strength areas and two magnetic dipole aerials for low-signal areas
* Pan-European premium, subscription-free traffic alerts
* Advanced route planning capability
* 5-inch widescreen
* Bluetooth® wireless technology for hands-free calls
* Lane Assist with Junction View for help with upcoming junctions
* Public Transport & Pedestrian mode with optional cityXplorer™ download
* Optional AA City Guides for restaurant listings, attractions and more
* Garmin’s unique speed camera warnings (database updated daily)
* Announces street names before you turn – e.g. “Turn right into Dell Road”
* Street-level mapping for Europe, including the UK and Ireland
* Record a new voice for your nüvi 1490TV with Garmin VoiceStudio software

Great on the go – driving, walking or on public transport

nüvi 1490TV’s slim design means you can take it anywhere. The 5-inch screen means it is even easier to see where you are going. Use to its full potential by downloading cityXplorer™ to navigate selected cities via trains, tubes or buses* as well as on foot. Add an AA City Guide for your chosen city to find out about all attractions and places to eat, stay and shop.

* Note: Public transport data may vary between cities.

Plan Ahead

nüvi 1490TV includes advanced navigation features to take the worry out of travelling. With route planning you can save 10 routes, specify via points and preview simulated turns on the 1490TVs large screen. In addition, nüvi 1490TV automatically sorts multiple destinations to provide an efficient route for errands, deliveries or sales calls. A trip log provides an electronic bread crumb trail of up to 10,000 points, so you can see where youve been on the map.

Traffic Alerts

Not every traffic service is equal. With Garmin you’ll always know what lies ahead. And it’s subscription-free, for life. Based on Trafficmaster data, there is extensive pan-European coverage of the road network (100% on motorways in England, Scotland and Wales). Know how long you’ll be held up, and choose to be routed around the queues.

Make hands free phone calls

Keep your eyes on the road and both hands on the wheel with nüvi 1490TV’s integrated Bluetooth® wireless technology, microphone and speaker. Just pair with your compatible mobile phone and talk hands-free through the nüvi.

Simplicity and safety

*Supreme route awareness

Avoid last-minute panics and lane changes with Lane Assist. It shows you the correct lane to be in for upcoming junctions, giving you supreme route awareness. Junction view shows you realistic pictures of upcoming junctions so you get a clear idea of what is ahead of you.

*Ultimate simplicity

nüvi 1490TV has a simple, intuitive menu. Just touch the screen to look up addresses and get turn-by-turn directions. nüvi announces street names before you make a turning – e.g. “Turn right into Dell Road” so you can keep your eyes on the road at all times.

*Speed cameras

Garmins unique, pan-European speed camera warning system gives reliable, relevant and accurate alerts. nüvi 1490TV has the location of fixed, average speed, mobile and temporary cameras already built in. New or moved cameras are constantly tracked and the database is updated daily.

*Where am I?

Just tap the car icon on your map screen for your exact coordinates, contact details for vehicle recovery services and directions to hospitals, police and petrol stations. Beyond emergency situations, use Where am I? to log those memorable locations so it’s easy to revisit them on a future drive.

*Garmin Lock

The Garmin Lock™ anti-theft protection system uses GPS to lock the unit to a secure location of your choice.

*Go Green and save fuel

The ecoRoute™ fuel-saver feature enables you to choose a fuel-efficient route which could even save you money as well as fuel. See the cost of the journey as you plan it and get scored for your performance with the Driving Challenge – good for identifying areas for improvement.

Extras for your Garmin

*Pedestrian & public transport navigation
*Pedestrian & public transport navigation
*cityXplorer will direct you via footpaths, footbridges and more and tells you where to catch trains, buses and tubes (dependent on the city).
*Travel Guides Travel Guides
Includes Days out, the Good Pub Guide, historical audio tours and more.

*Garmin ecoRoute

You can choose a fuel-saving option to find the most economical route – and save you money.

*Speed Cameras

Find out how Garmin’s unique speed camera alerts are so accurate.

*Points of Interest

Get celebrity voices on your sat-nav, locations for stores, football stadiums, festivals, and more.

Enhance your sat navs features

To enhance the features of your sat nav, you can download the latest free software updates here: Some of the benefits include:

* Latest Bluetooth compatibility – make sure your unit works with the latest handsets
* Vehicle Icons - customise your unit making your journey more fun
* Voices - Download new voices for your sat nav

Caracteristici Produs

*Indicaţii vocale (de ex. „Faceţi dreapta peste 150 m.”): da (difuzor intern)
*Redă numele străzilor (de ex. „Faceţi dreapta PE STRADA ELM peste 150 m.”): da (pentru S.U.A.)
*Navigare activată vocal (controlaţi dispozitivul prin comenzi vocale): nu
*Asistenţă bandă de rulare (vă ghidează spre banda de rulare adecvată pentru navigare): da
*Vizualizare clădire 3-D (afişează clădirile în 3-D): nu
*Tehnologia nüRoute™ cu trafficTrends™ (calculează rutele pe baza fluxului de trafic prezis): nu
*Tehnologia nüRoute™ cu myTrends™ (prezice rute pe baza comportamentului de navigare al utilizatorului): nu
*Sortare automată destinaţii multiple (indică cea mai scurtă cale): da
*Retrasare automată (recalculare rapidă a abaterii de la traseu şi a ocolirilor): da
*Setare opţiune traseu (durată mai scurtă, distanţe mai scurte, teren accidentat): da
*Evitare trasee (evitare autostrăzi, puncte de plată etc.): da
*Tehnologie fără fir Bluetooth® (conectaţi telefonul dumneavoastră pentru apelare cu mâini libere): da
*Compatibil trafic FM: da
*Compatibil MSN® Direct: nu
*Compatibil cu informaţii XM® Navtraffic & Radio pentru S.U.A.: nu
*Indicator limită viteză (afişează limita de viteză pentru majoritatea drumurilor principale): da
*Unde mă aflu? (găsiţi cele mai apropiate spitale, secţii de poliţie, benzinării, cea mai apropiată adresă şi intersecţie): da
*Garmin Locate™ (marchează poziţia atunci când este detaşat de la montajul pe parbriz): nu
*ecoRoute™ (calculează un traseu mai economic din punct de vedere): da
*Tastatură Qwerty sau ABC (alegeţi orientarea tastaturii): da
*Puncte de interes personalizate (posibilitate de adăugare puncte de interes suplimentare): da
*compatibil cu vehicule Garmin Garage™ (descărcaţi pictograme în formă de automobile pe dispozitivul dumneavoastră): da
*compatibil cu voci Garmin Garage™ (descărcaţi voci personalizate pe dispozitivul dumneavoastră): da
*Navigare foto (navigaţi către fotografii cu etichete geografice): da
*Oră pentru călătorii pe mapamond, convertor valutar şi unităţi de măsură, calculator: da
*Vizualizare imagini: da
*Redare MP3: nu
*Redare cărţi în format audio: nu
*Transmiţător FM: nu
*Mufă căşti/ieşire audio: nu
*Telecomandă: nu
*Garmin Lock™ (funcţie antifurt): da
*Ecran cu atingere: da
*Dead reckoning (estimare poziţie): nu
*Compatibil cu motocicleta: nu
*Funcţie geocaching: nu
*Compatibil cu ambarcaţiunile: nu

In plus:
*Acest dispozitiv de stocare în masă USB este compatibil cu sisteme de operare Windows® 2000 sau mai recente şi Mac® OS X 10.4 sau mai recent.

*Compatibil MPEG-2