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Mapping handhelds toate produsele

eTrex® Touch 35 010-01325-12

Pret fara ROAD20xx: 1495 RON

Pret cu ROAD20xx, cu update-uri Contracost: 1695 RON

Pret cu ROAD20xx, cu update-uri Gratuite: 2107.06 RON

Transportul nu este inclus in pret

Pe stoc.


Pachetul include:
-eTrex Touch 35
-montaj pe ghidon
-cablu USB
-versiunea cu RO.A.D. preîncărcat vine şi cu un card microSD de 32 GB
ROAD2023.20 - versiunea cu update contracost sau gratuit, NU se poate folosi în MapSource/Basecamp!

Preţul cu Ro.a.d. 2023.20 preîncărcat – upgrade-urile ulterioare se vor face contracost, prin achiziţia unui abonament NextROAD (upgrade la harta curentă) sau AllROAD (upgrade gratuit pe viaţă).
>Preţul cu Ro.a.d. 2023.20 cu upgrade gratuit – upgrade-urile ulterioare sunt GRATUITE pe toată durata de viaţă a aparatului pentru harta RO.A.D. de pe aparat.
Versiunea cu update gratuit permite activarea gratuită a unei licenţe RO.A.D.2009 pentru salvare şi vizualizare date pe PC în programul MapSource!
Politicile mai sus exprimate sunt valabile DOAR pentru aparate care au fost distribuite oficial prin SC Sheba Distribution SRL sau SC RQA IMPEX COMPANY SRL. Nu se poate face upgrade la aparate cu ROAD preincarcat cu licenţe piratate sau upgrade gratuit in varianta cu CD Full la aparate care au fost aduse pe canale "gri" şi care nu au certificatul de garantie emis de importatorul oficial, SHEBA DISTRIBUTION SRL sau de distribuitorul SC RQA IMPEX COMPANY SRL. Dacă sunteţi in dubiu referitor la provenienţa unui aparat, este suficient să ne trimiteţi seria acestuia să o verificăm şi veţi primi un raspuns în scris în maxim 2 zile lucrătoare. La asemenea aparate garanţia este suportată de vânzătorul acestora, NU de firmele sus menţionate.

Updates & Downloads

Despre Produs

eTrex Touch 35 is the new family navigator for outdoor activities and alpine adventures, ideal for everyone that likes to dip their toes into the great outdoors - from casual cyclists and hikers to geocaching newbies and hillwalkers.

eTrex has been the world’s most popular and successful recreational GPS series for the past 15 years. eTrex Touch 35 is its newest member, that is now easier and more convenient to use than ever. With additional altimeter, it also supports alpine activities like mountaineering and mountain biking. It comes with preinstalled TopoActive Europe maps and optimised Activity Profiles for various recreational activities, not forgetting 250,000 geocaches for endless fun outdoors. With smart notifications straight to your device from your smartphone1, you can stay connected when you’re on the go. To make it even easier to get going, a cycling mount is included in the box. Get out there and have fun with the family! eTrex will guide you every step of the way.

Garmin family navigator that’s easy and fun to use, with touchscreen, altimeter and preloaded TopoActive Europe maps

-Optimised for multiple activities – just select and go!
-Preloaded with Garmin TopoActive Europe maps
-Cycling mount included
-Bright 2.6’’ colour capacitive touchscreen
-Barometric altimeter and 3-axis tilt-compensated compass
-Download recreational tracks and Paperless geocaching with 250k preloaded caches
-ANT+ sensor support and Smartphone Notifications

Find your way the easy way

eTrex Touch works like an in-car sat nav, but with maps and features specifically designed for navigation during recreational activities like cycling and hiking. Whether you have a specific destination in mind, or you just want to record your activities to share later on, eTrex Touch gives you the freedom to explore with confidence. You can even find and download activities others have completed on Garmin Connect and Garmin Adventures, or share your own with the community.

With an easy to use touchscreen, the kids will be able to have a go too. Just touch and go, as the moment takes you! The Activity Profiles give you immediate access to customised profiles like hiking, cycling and geocaching, so you’re all set up for your chosen activity, with everything you need at your fingertips. You can focus on enjoying the great outdoors, and having a great time with your family – knowing you’re in safe hands.

All ready and set to ride

eTrex Touch holds no one back, it’s everything you need to get out there and experience the outdoors at every opportunity. Not only is it designed to enhance whatever activity you fancy that day but it comes fully prepared for you to take it straight out the box and get going.

With a cycling mount included, the eTrex Touch is particularly appealing to recreational cyclists, who can easily fix the device to their handlebars.

The device comes preloaded with Garmin TopoActive Europe maps for 46 countries - just switch the device on, connect to GPS and start navigation. And the maps can be updated at no additional cost. With a large 8 GB internal memory and a microSD slot, there’s plenty of room for additional mapping, whether you’d like to enhance it with advanced topo maps or marine maps.

Dive into geocaching

Experience the great outdoor GPS treasure hunt called geocaching. With the eTrex Touch, geocaching is convenient for everyone, with paperless geocache directions, ratings and recent logs saved directly on the device - no need to print anything.

eTrex Touch 35 comes with an electronic compass that shows you the direction to your destination even while you’re stood still - which helps a lot during short breaks on geocaching adventures.

For beginners, eTrex Touch holds 250,000 great geocaches suitable for those new to geocaching – to help you get used to the whole concept. All geocaches are from, the world’s largest geocaching platform.

Adventures unearthed and shared

Don’t have a specific destination or route in mind? Search for recommended adventures on Garmin Connect or Garmin Adventures, and see routes and geocaches that others have completed. Then download them to eTrex Touch ready for your next adventure. Or create and customise a completely new route to download to your device.

Want to save and re-live a recent adventure? eTrex Touch records where you’ve been so you can upload your routes to Garmin Connect or Garmin Adventures and relive them whenever you want. Garmin Connect and Garmin Adventures are free and allow you to share your recreational adventures with friends and family.

Rock solid eTrex quality

eTrex Touch is the latest product from the famous eTrex GPS handheld series. These products have been successfully deployed all over the earth, from the freezing poles to the heat of African deserts and the humid South American jungles. eTrex has mastered all terrains and the eTrex Touch offers that same toughness and endurance.

eTrex Touch supports GPS and GLONASS, giving you the power of two satellite systems, for faster fix and better accuracy in challenging environments. Let eTrex do all the hard work for you – just check your actual position and follow the guidance. eTrex 35 also adds a barometric altimeter to the mix, for safer navigation in alpine environments and accurate elevation data.

The device is fully ruggedised, IPX7 water-rated and has a scratch-resistant screen. The long 16 hour battery life and field-replaceable standard AA batteries guarantee flexibility when you’re on the go.

eTrex Touch also provides all of the classic eTrex features like hunting and fishing information, sport watch, sun and moon calendar, sunrise and sunset data and much more.

Compact and versatile companion

The handy device fits easily into a pocket or on a handlebar. It’s also designed to be a size that allows kids to easily handle it too. Using the spine mount mounting system, eTrex Touch can be mounted pretty much anywhere with specialised mounts for boats, cars, backpacks etc.

Stay connected

eTrex Touch 35 lets you share your waypoints, tracks, routes and geocaches wirelessly, through unit-to-unit sharing with compatible Garmin devices. With the smart notification feature, you’ll never miss a text, email or notification from your compatible smartphone*, unless you want to. You can also use your eTrex Touch 35 as a remote control for our VIRB® XE, VIRB X and VIRB Elite action cameras.

eTrex Touch 35 also supports Live Track which allows your friends and family to follow your activities in real time. Invite followers, via email or social media, to track your activity and location on Garmin Connect.

1Phone must have Bluetooth Smart. See for compatibility.
iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc. Android is a trademark of Google Inc.

Caracteristici Produs

*Automatic routing (turn by turn routing on roads): Yes (with optional mapping for detailed roads)
*Geocaching-friendly: Yes (Paperless)
*Custom maps compatible
*Sun and moon information
*Tide tables: Yes (with optional Bluechart)
*Area calculation
*Picture viewer
*Garmin Connect™
*Garmin Connect™ compatible (online community where you analyze, categorize and share data)

*Smart Notifications: Yes
*Live Tracking: Yes (with Garmin Connect™ Mobile)